Cant connect to shadow lab

Hi. I cant connect shadow lab. I try to connect from xbox or from pc, but after loading i see something like “cant connect to ultratech services, or cant get data from ultratech services”. Also, when it was season 3 update, i cant save my shadow data anymore, coz there is no button “save shadow data”, but before s3 it was. What can i do with this problem? Im from russia, ip is static

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They know about this, and said that they are working on it. Apparently it doesn’t affect everyone, but some people can’t connect. I’m one of those people.

Thank you for answer. I begin to think, that something wrong with my stuff, but im glad, that its ok. Waiting for issue from IG :slight_smile:

Im with you, I cant connect either. @rukizzel said they knew about it and are working on it. But I havent heard any updates since Wednesday. Hoping there is a fix soon and not all the way out to patch 3.1

Well, let me know whn it’s up and running then, as I miss my Aganos shadow…