Can't choose a "User Card Badge" to show off

In the Preferences menu you can choose a “User Card Badge”. Basically, you choose a badge that you want pinned to your User Card to show it off to people. However, even though I have 5 different badges, the only option I have is “”. None of my badges are showing up in the list which makes it impossible to pin any of them.

This isn’t a big deal to me but I thought I would just share it here to see if anyone else has the issue. If they do, maybe people will know it needs to be fixed?

Thanks for bringing this up. I will look in to it.

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I can help @rukizzel I looked into it.

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I got it figured out! The long and short of it is I have some work to do, but we will have badges on cards…eventually.

I may have tested a badge image on my own user card, btw.

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Hahaha, test badge is a SUCCESS!