Can't buy KI on pc

Hey, this is juat a really quick post. I’m totally new to the party, but I bought a gaming laptop recently as I will be travelling for work, and the first thing I did was download the free trial version of KI as I loved the origional back on my SNES and wanted to check it out.
Been playing it a ton, I love it so I decided I would drop the money in the full version to get everyone, except when I go into the ingame store the full version is greyed out and only gives me the individual options.
Is this a bug? Or is there a reason I can’t buy it right now?

Get the Supreme Edition for $50.

your not the only one experiencing this problem, PC players can’t buy the supreme edition right now. no one knows the reason y though.

That’s the issue, it’s not available to buy. Only the individual seasons or the characters individually

Thanks for the reply. Hopefully it will be working soon again as I really wanna get my hands on spinal and fulgore!

With you saying it’s other people too, I’m wondering if it might be for a black Friday/cyber Monday deal coming up perhaps?

i wish they would tell ppl if that was the case

guys, don’t buy the supreme pack. the Definite Edition is expected to release on PC during the holiday season, in other words next month. in contrast to the supreme pack Shadow Jago is already included and it only costs 40 instead of 60 bucks (50 supreme + 10 shago).

I’m having a strange problem where my KI won’t update at all via the windows store. I own all the seasons.
I just tried uninstalling to see if I could force it that way, but now the install button is greyed out. What exactly has happened to the PC version?

I had no problem with it. try clicking on your user icon in the windows store and then select “downloads and updates” and check manually. the KI update should come up this way and you download it then by clicking the corresponding button.

Tried that, didn’t work.

do you have the anniversary update for windows 10? do you already have the KI update maybe? in the main menu there is a version number in the bottom left corner which should be 3.5.something. otherwise I’m out of ideas, sorry.

When I started KI it told me there was an update and would exit to desktop shortly after. I have the November update for Win10. I’ve never had an issue until now so I’m wondering if the last patch has done something.