Cant buy gold skins on pc

Ok How can i get them if there not even Available on pc

They haven’t been officially released yet:

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people could buy them before… even if they weren’t released

So, you thought they would just leave an unintentional bug in the game because reasons?

IIRC with the bug it kinda made it like rolling he dice if you could even get them unlocked from exploiting the bug, heavily in your favor, but there was some chance they wouldn’t actually unlock.

…I thought I heard that somewhere, I could be wrong, not that it’ll matter in a couple of weeks anyway.

The fact is, when I bought them I didn’t know it was a bug. It appeared in my store and I bought, simple like that. I knew it was a bug when I realized nobody else was using them online and when I came to the forum and saw that actually I was not supposed to have that. lol

If it hadn’t unlock, at least I would ask what had happened. :wink:

Still, the devs have said that if you have them, you’re okay (and won’t get into trouble). :grin:

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It was a bug. They fixed it because purchasing them in the current state was unreliable, so they removed them so they could be released at the proper time so everyone can get them without the Xbox/Win10 store freaking out. If you already got them in the short time they were available, kutos. If not, just play the waiting game.
They’ll all be available within the month. The first Gold pack (Jago, Orchid, Kim Wu) will be out on the 6th, the second (Sabrewulf, TJ Combo, Maya) should be out on the 13th, and if the pattern holds the first Terror pack (Fulgore, Riptor, Mira) should hit around the 20th (along with, hopefully, 3.6) with the goal yo get it out just before Christmas.

Cant buy Gold Skins Pack 6!!!

When I try from the news link that @rukizzel dropped, I get this -

When I try from the in-game store, pack 6 doesn’t seem to be available yet -

I’ve restarted my PC a couple of times to see if that had something to do with it. No luck yet! Look forward to buying the gold pack 6 when possible!

Please help!

fyi, got it working by using Firefox instead of Chrome