Can't access KI S3 Plz Help

I can’t access the game at all. I am on Xbox One. When it is checking downloadable content,it just crashes. Help.

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@developers Can you help me? I really want to play S3.

On the same boat. Did a hard reset, then uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Still crashes on the same screen.

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Could be a cloud issue if it crashes on the checking dlc screen perhaps?

I had to take a test in school. Very excitied for KI and wanted the day to pass. Bus home took forever. Downloading took forever so I had to move my TV and Xbox to plug it in my ethernet cable to another room for a while for faster download. Now I can’t. So sad.

Ok it works on an alternate account but not my main.

Same problem here. Pls fix it i.i

I had the same problem. I turned off my xbox completely, and unplugged it from the power pack. When I plugged it back in and turned it back on the download was waiting for me. Just had to select KI and it initiated.

BTW: USE ETHERNET IF YOU CAN! I’ve heard of crazy download times like 9 hours and ■■■■ smh. I plugged in my ethernet, started it like 3-5 minutes ago and its already at 20%.

Good luck!

Unfortunately had to delete my save. So back to level one with every character. I’m not sure if there’s going to be a fix for it, so beware if you use that fix.

I’v got the same issue, I can log in with other accounts but mine crashes at the Checking for Downloadable Content screen, this is KILLING me :frowning: I really hope it gets fixed or someone finds a fix for this.

This is nothing official, and just pure speculation on my part, but it sounds like a desync issue between your local profile and the one on the cloud.

I think I heard of someone having an issue like this where the solution was to delete their local profile and redownload it from the cloud, but I don’t know if that applies here.

You might want to share your issue (or a solution, if you found one,) here;