Can't Access KI Killer Cuts Edition Storepage?

I was able to get into the Killer Cuts Edition storepage, but then I clicked away, and when I did, the link to it from the main store page disappeared, and when searching for it in the searchbar, the result for it blinks in and out of existance, and when it is there, it has the icon saying its already in my library, and clicking on it just redirects back to the main steamstore page.

I’ve tried getting to it from the steam app, in Chrome and Firefox, but its doing the same thing in each.

Working on this.

yeah, i went in manually and its NOT THERE. So what gives?? and when you DO release it finally, as it appears its NOT released…make it more than 320 mp3’s…Seriously…some of us have standards…WAV/uncompressed FLAC will suffice. 320 mp3 is for a grade 8 child with no clue, or less.