Canon guests ideas

First off let me say no way is arbiter or raam going to be canon and I don’t want them to be!
I feel though rash and if Joanna dark make it into the game it could be beneficial to make them canon and here’s why:

  1. Rash - it expands both Ki and battletoads lore and sets up a new battle toads nicely.
    We find out once Gargos opens all the portals to earth from his dimension that the toads are also from this dimension. They have been fighting a shadow lord known as the dark queen for years thinking she was the head of the food chain. Thanks to this massive invasion of earth the toads come to find out the Queen they have been so desperately trying to stop is only second in command to their mysterious leader Gargos. While Pimple and Zit are fighting the Dark Queen Rash finds an opportunity to go through one of the portals to challenge Gargos and stop this evil empire once and for all. This could literally set up a new BattleToads game that starts off like a normal one and ends with him traveling through a portal to fight Gargos. It could lead to an amazing branch off of the series.
  2. Joanna Dark - after destroying data dyne and destroying all other spy agencies Joanna found out the Harsh reality that she was munipulated by Ultratech (aria used her voice modulator to give out orders from her boss) to drive all that could stop them out of business thinking she was stopping corrupt agencies. Once she learned the truth she teamed up with a rebel by the name of Orchid to stop this injustice once and for all!
    This could Segway into a new PDZ that would give the series a fresh new look and a coop spy game featuring Joanna and Orchid.

Thoughts and opinions?

Joanna was also Ben Ferris ex-girlfriend at the military days. During shoot praticing, Ben was setting the targets and Joanna was kidding around with her weapons trying to impress Ben with her gunslinger skills when one of the guns has accidentally been triggered and the bullet has hit Ben Ferris throat. She carried him to the military hospital. Fortunately, the shot was a close call. Ben was fine and then they’ve started a relationship… lol
This could be the only reason behind Cinder’s weird voice.

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I say no Gusts should not have any affecton the KI universe at all. There is no good reason to do that. KI should be it’s own thing. I get you folks love guests but come on. Leave them to affect their own story.

I think KI can expan well with the roster it already has and new native KI characters without help or unnecessary interference.

A new battletoads game would be great!


If only we can say that can happen without worrying about Rash being a “canon guest”

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NO. NO more guest characters. NO MORE CHASING THE PAST. KI needs to create its own legacy.

No thanks. No more guest characters. And definitely don’t make them canon.