Cannot Purchase from In-game Store?

Whenever I try to purchase anything from the ingame store, it loads for a couple of seconds and I get an error code. Any Idea how to fix this? Thanks.

We have to gather in a single thread instead of having each one a different thread. I am having same issue and tried almost everything still nothing.

Sadly, seems like nobody cares to figure it out or help. Posted on Reddit, Tweeted KI themselves, aND nothing. Seems like I won’t be able to play ever :confused:

Add me in xbox win application gamertag ieronymous

As @ieronymous said, the multitude of individual threads being created makes it difficult to share information between them all!

I’d recommend taking a look at and posting in the following thread which is a unified place to discuss the various bugs and difficulties stemming from the Season 3 launch.

@ImBadAtFighters have you tried purchasing the bundle pack from here

enter link description here

after signing up. It seems to let me jump the signing in problem with the in store, but i can purchase it only for xbox one.
I the platforms are unified then the purchase will be avaliable for win also. Someone though has to confirm this method works because no refunds after you buy the bundle pack