Cannot find matches on multiplayer

Does anyone knows why it takes too long to find matches? Last week I’ve spend 60 minutes to play 1 match. Every time I’ve try I can get to play only with a xXDeadpoolXx guy.

I thought I’d be easier to find matches since PC crossplay.

Game is at latest update.

Am I the only one?

Are you looking for ranked, lobby or exibition?

It would be easier in exibition and lobby, since these are the modes which allows you to cross play.

Also, take a look at your Nat/Teredo. It can be troublesome and may be the reason you don’t find more matches


Also, fwiw, if you’re not getting matches within 20 seconds, if you back out to the ranked/exhibition menu, then search again, you might find a match quite quickly.

But then again, it sounds like you might have something else going on.


Thanks for the reply. I play on ranked. I thought crossplay also applied for this game mode. I’ll give it a try, since I dislike to play w/kids.

As for the NAT problem, nothing can be done, already chat to my ISP and they rely on Microsoft’s fault.


No one passes blame faster than a ISP. It is always someone else’s fault when it comes to them.

I am sure it is a setting that is wrong, but I have no idea on which one. Just remember when you start troubleshooting to remember what has already been changed. You don’t want to make it worse.


Started to make changes at the very beggining. Once I checked Xbox status noticed a doble nat. Started to set DMZ. Changed to bridge mode. Gave IP/DNS manual address and set up in modem. Opened ports but same problem. Contacted ISP however was not enough.

Today will try again. KI is the only reason I bought Xbox One.