Cannot find match online after purhchasing definitive edition


Long story short I’ve been playing for a week with free version until I decided to buy the definitive edition.
Everything has unlocked now but I can’t find ANY online match… NONE!

Never happened before what’s wrong?

No error message. just Finding Opponent window with no result
I’ve just tabbed to game while writing this … same thing stuck at it
Tried restarting PC … checked xbox app network for connectivity -> OK
I’m lost please help me :frowning:

I can’t seem to find a match rn either… I don’t have the definitive edition though but it was working fine yesterday

Same here. I can’t find any ranked matches.

And that was my plan for today:


Yup, It looks like I’m having the same issue. I’ve tried both ranked and exhibition…both on XBL and Steam. Nada.

I was able to play a lobby with ShonnyDepp tho. But ranked is a different story. Please, give me an hour of ranked, I’m rank 33 for Shadow Lord’s sake!


Still can’t find matches online. :frowning:

Matchmaking appears to be broken. :frowning:

You can still play sets if u invite folks in exhibition fyi

I haven’t tried to fight online with KI since the problems began, but I found an OFFICIAL UPDATE:

Oopsie-doopsie :sweat:


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