Cannot find any opponent in ranked leagues Xbox one

Help I cannot find any opponent in ranked leagues.
If I do it’s once a month. Uninstalled reinstalled nothing works. Heeeeeelp I haven’t played n months I’m sad… I’m on Xbox one… I even called Microsoft.

May want to check NAT type or something similar in your network settings. The X1 Ranked environment is quite vibrant actually, so there shouldn’t be any issues finding matches.

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The thing is this only happens in KI on ranked league. Everything else works fine on every other models and every other game. :pensive: I guess after almost three years of KI I’m finally done. Nothing seems to work. And of course. Can’t get in contact with ultra-combo.

Few months ago, i had the same issue. i can exhibitions but no ranked matches.

It’s was definitively a NAT/Teto issue.

What’s the fix?

Different “fixes” have worked for different people. Maybe try restarting your router or hard-resetting (unplug from wall) your Xbox. If you google “strict NAT xbox” you’ll come across a whole wide range of things people have tried, including port forwarding and stuff.

KI has always been weird with certain connection types. It’s pretty frustrating a lot of the time.

Ok thank you go for your help… I’ll try these fixes and let you know if it works.

AS @Infilament MENTIONED…port forwarding should solve your problem. It can be kind of technical so I would search a youtube video on how to do it correctly.

  1. Set NAT to OPEN
  2. Port forward all Xbox ports to your router
  3. Set your xbox to Reserved on your router setting.

Those 3 should be all you need. If that doesn’t work then it has to be your ISP. Where are you located?

So I’ve forwarded all ports, I even placed my IP in dmz. Still nothing. I’m in Colorado. I’ve been playing fine with no issues for three years now. This just started happening after I returned from Europe.

My Nat is also open. It’s always been open.

Fixed it guys it was so simple. I plugged an Ethernet cable in :man_shrugging:t5: smh

Lol got two maches in and now it’s back to the same iy yi yi

WAIT… you were playing on WIFI??? People still paly fighting games seriously on WIFI??

OMG please NOOOOO!!! Do not ever play online via wifi and expect good results.

I bought anethernet cord 3 years ago and I kicked myslef in the asss afterwards saying “why did I wait this long?” Ill never ever go back to wifi…even if I have to run a 40 foot cord across the house over the couch and through the kitchen LOL

glad its working for you!

Agreed. If at all, it is best to play with a tethered connection versus WiFi. If you ARE going to use WiFi, you have to have a REALLY good connection with high speed data transfer rate. Generally you won’t have an issue IF your wifi router is in the same room, especially if you can run on the newer variants of WiFi signal, however, I will always prefer a tethered connection versus anything else.

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I play on wifi. Wireless AC with beamforming is legit. Wireless AC supports higher bandwidth than most ISP’s can provide meaning your bottleneck will often be your ISP from a bandwidth standpoint of course with fighting games it comes down to latency more so than bandwidth but still with beamforming and decent hardware it runs just as good as a wired connection. It’s 2017 people, yes if you’re running on 2005 wireless hardware it will suck but if you stay up with the times and upgrade your wireless equipment it works just fine. I’ve legit hosted LANs with 12 people plus their cell phones on wireless and we’ve played low latency games online like overwatch, dota 2, etc.

Sorry but no way will i ever believe that a signal of this magnitude transmitting through the air is as good or better than a wired connection…no way. Yes it works but it isnt better than wired.

I only use WiFi when I don’t have a choice. WiFi will never have a better speed than a hardwired connection. WiFi has always been about convenience, and not about better speed. I will never understand why people don’t understand that.
If people like to use WiFi, because it is eaiser, or they can’t hardwire, then ok.

What is next? Saying that up converting 4k is the same as natural 4k?

Im not speaking too convenience…Im speaking to “the guy couldnt find a match”, started a thread, went through port forwarding and all other technical scenarios…even stated GIVING UP ON KI!

All becasue he was on Wifi…thats my argument.

So Guys sorry for the pause. I’m in the army so things get busy. So even though I switched from wifi to hard connection, I only got 2 matches in with the same player. So in conclusion, though I believe there’s some difference between wifi and hard connect, pros and cons… I still have the same issue. I am a technical person ( I can’t write codes and shit…) but, for the life of me I can’t figure this out. After three years of constant day to day KI, now I can’t play at all. I don’t get it.

Net Neutrality has struck its first victim! lol

Gotta buy that MS package from Xfinity! lol