CANCELLED: Killer Instinct Tournaments in Gamer's World Vernon Hills Illinois

Hello to all Killer Instinct Players competitive and non competitive alike! My name is Kenneth I hosted the local KI Tournaments in Vernon Hills. As told by the title these events have been further cancelled by myself and will no longer be hosted by myself. In regards as if the event will pop back up or not there that is no longer under my control in any way.

Now to good news! I will continue hosting these tournaments at a new Gamer’s World Location. This location is going to be in Gurnee Mills Mall at the new Gamer’s World shop there, the matter of the event is when I am able to host the events again. I would like to forwarn everyone that this store is fairly compact and the store only has 2 tables. This isn’t the end of the world for I have already figured out what equipment to bring and where to put it all. I also plan on making the rules more competitive.

Now the major thought, I plan on making these events once a month versus the every week into every other week structure. This is going to be ultimately necessary as I can only hold these kind of events once a week and I plan on hosting 3 more events. This is very much a WIP.