Can you still unlock Shadow Jago?

Can you still unlock Shadow Jago with the requirement method (e.g. Medium or higher difficulty, can’t lose etc.) through Season 1 story mode?

You never unlocked Shadow Jago in that way. Thst method only gave you access to the Shadow Dragons Lair stage which is now Omens technically so if you have Omen you will have the stage.

So how do I unlock him? Do I have to just buy him?

You used to unlock the Shadow Tiger Lair that way but since Omen came out, you already have it.

Only way to get Shago is to buy him by either some of the rare 12-month Xbox Live including Shadow Jago code, eBay codes for Shago, or just wait for IG to put him on the market again.

Yes, he’s a separate purchase. At the moment he isn’t available for purchase, but there are strong hints that he will be purchasable at or shortly after the Season 3 launch;

Well, I HAD a quote from the last couple weeks or so from rukizzel responding to a question about the next purchase window for Shadow Jago, and the answer was “very soon.” I can’t seem to find it now, though, so you’ll just have to take my word for it that he had said it!

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you can still fight the original Shago Boss this way, but you do not unlock him as a playable character.

Its still worth fighting him though as you unlock the Secret ending of S1 and the ability to say you beat Shago which is very very difficult.

Story mode S1
Must be on Hard difficulty or higher
Must Ultra your rival (match before Fulgore)
Must Ultra 2 other opponents
Must not loose (This isnt quite true as I have lost to rival a few times and it still worked)

Best way to ensure you get to Shago is ultra every opponent and do not loose.

I did this last week and finally beat him so it still works. the cool hing is he has his old move set which is a cross between Jago and New Shago and his REAL ULTIMATE… not hat black out screen mess.

Killer Instincts twitter page just tweeted Shago will be available for purchase tomorrow.

I was gonna mention this, don’t know which thread it was in but it was definitely said.

Okay, thanks guys. I’ll keep a look out on their twitter page.

Was it ever possible to buy him using KI gold?

Stay tuned my friend :).