Can you not wall bounce more than once in a combo?

Here is my Cinder playing against the very good, top 32 Omen player, Dretok.

At 1:40 I start my combo, wall bounce, reset, wall bounce, shadow trailblazer, and when I try to wall bounce him again Omen just flips out.

Is this part of the game design or is this a glitch?

It’s not a glitch, you cannot have more than one wall bounce in any combo with any character.

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Hmm, I wonder if you can wall bounce, pop instinct, and wall bounce again…

Anyway, thanks for clearing things up.

Technically you could, if you pop Instinct, HOWEVER, you are at that point sacrificing your damage ender and losing a TON of potential damage.

I once had a Hisako player continuously bounce me via reset counters. They do a wall bounce into a combo. They prematurely end the combo. I react and they use her Counter, and then wall bounce me again. He did it twice and took an entire life bar.

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