Can you beat my Mira Ultra?


Bad. In a good way like LL Cool J.

Lmao that rhymed!

Mira said knock u out

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Just curious but why not use a medium punch manual. I haven’t tried how much kv it adds though.

You always want to do heavies. As often as possible since they build the lowest amount of KV. Generally Heavies are 5 KV non instinct 4 in instinct. Mediums are usually 10 non instinct 8 in instinct. So even in instinct it’s not as good as a non instinct heavy.

Makes sense. I just noticed Mp hits a few times. Good job.

It does hit twice, but her HP hits twice as well. Both Jumping and Grounded. There are no auto doubles in this combo. It’s all Heavy manuals and 2 linkers at the very end.

Oh that was a manual. It looked like an auto. Nvm.