Can we please get these forums advertised in-game?

I think its an obvious decision, but for professionalism’s sake, ill explain.

When i was a new KI player, I believe i was watching a tournament on youtube when i heard an announcement about a character stream. I never knew they were going on, so i was exited, but they never gave out the Twitch channel name, so i never found it. When it later popped up on youtube, i found the previous ones also, and watched them all. In the streams, they never mentioned a way to find out when the next stream would be, and at the time, i wasn’t familiar with Twitch, so figuring out myself was near impossible. As i watched i believe there was only ONE time the devs mentioned “ultra combo .com”, but they never mentioned the ‘dash’ in the name, so when i typed it in without the dash, i got nothing. So i went a few MONTHS wondering how to keep up with tourneys and streams, before i finally heard them mention it a 2nd time, and i just google searched “ultra combo forums” and found it. And now im as happy as a clam.

Maybe my experience was unusual, but there will be THOUSANDS of new KI players this year, who will start the game with no clue what to expect, or even a knowledge that a KI “community” exists. Can we please get a boot-up message or main-menu subtitle that OBVIOUSLY shows the existence and usefulness of this website? I know i would have loved it back then, and It would be the perfect way to introduce the game (and of course, ourselves) to the new players. Even if they dont join the forums, at least they will have a place to go for concrete news about the game and tourneys. (I believe EVERY new player will want to immediately start watching tournaments to see how cool this game can get.)


even better: when you start the game for the first time, it gives you the in-game option to make an account for the forum.

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Aren’t they already? The links that constantly pop up when you boot up the game always lead to this site.

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When i select something that brings up internet explorer on my xbox, i quit out of it before anything can even show up. I HATE auto app launching.

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KI forums app could solve this. Better yet,make the forums part of the game in its own section.



make it so we can watch KI streams while playing KI, I’ve lost counts on how many times I’ve been watching 8BBD’s WHILE playing the game.

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I’d say this is logical - get people to come to the official source for KI news and updates as well as the community.


No brainer. I cosign.

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