Can we have the ender 4 animations in option please


i understand shes been nerfed highly meanwhile KIM WU ,Jago, TUSK, RASH arbiter do high DAMAGES in less hits ( is it a way to push everyone to play the 4 new one characters because they do much damages ?

can u do something @ this situation please for the love of god, cause the ender 4 animation to the 3st and 'st combo on that video block sadira to the ground and we cannot juggle after that. tho me i think thats a bug because this was one of the best way us spider woman did juggles after throwing the opponent in the air. u can see a short example on that video.
everything is ok with the first one ender 4 but the other one block us.
@WebNRaGnArOk did u have the same issue too??

The purposely changed that one so that you can’t juggle after it. If you want the High Damage Ender, you have to use the new one, of which is glitched and won’t allow you to use a punch button and then a Recluse Linker. :confused:

but??? ur sure with what u say ??? :confounded: ? cause if its only for the damage why do Jago rash tusk arbiter kim wu so much damage on nothing to do ??? only the flying dragon kick from kim u take u 20% of ur life bar . is that serious??? and we complaint for the sadira juggles. thats no right i think its a joke and a bad dream. wake me up please

is it right what he said ??? @TempusChaoti @rukizzel if its right i think thats really to unserve our spiderwoman. cause shes one of ur most beautifull original character in all points but limit her like that is very annoying in some way

The back flip ender is now considered a hard knockdown ender, does more damage then the juggle ender, & does not juggle EVER.

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More damage=/=best character

Sadira deals a lot of damage of juggles, which are hard to break, and its a heavy mix up character.

Tusk deals insane damage, but he is a bit unsafe in most moves, leading to punish oportunities.

Sadira is a great character who doesn’t need high(or at least,more than already has) damage to be a threat.


So what about Jago DAMAGES plus heath recuperation??? explain me jago givesu easily 60% with a dragon punch ender 4

His healing was reduced for this season, the shadow tiger fury ender requires a shadow stock, Sadira has more mobility, and he has fewer mix ups options than Sadira.

Omen its one of the less combo damaging characters, but he is probably top 3 corner preassure character. You cant simply say “he has low damage” and ignore his strenghts

Sadira has good mobility, juggle potential, great mixups, and she spends a lot of time airborne, making more difficult get her in a standart grounded combo without a recapture.

If you add top damage to this (like, s2 glacius lvl for example), she will be almost unbeatable

And for the record, her damage its better than average.

I’ve no problem with this, considering her shadow ender is almost the most powerful in the game still.

I agree, IF all of her stuff was working, she’d be fine. Currently you can’t use the Recluse Linker after a punch manual/auto as it automatically goes into the Ender even though you didn’t use the correct button combination. I hope they get that fixed as the ONLY options I can use is Blade Demon or kick manuals into Recluse Linker of which limits options.

Other than that, Sadira is vastly stronger in S3 than she was in S2. I’ve had more RQ’s thanks to Salticide than anything else, and I’m still learning new tech.


All im thinking about is how I can do some fucked up juggling like that. Is it even practical or is it just showing off? lol

to me i think its just showing off cause i see all hits clearly


Now u can easily with a instinct bar and 2 shadows make 75% dammages, and if ur lucky with a counter break thats just 90%. :smirk: interresting .

. but here on that video i did it just for showing off u can go faster if u need .( im learning on :sweat_smile: new sadira) then i noticed that the best part was missing for me i can’t follow my combo after the other 4st level ecluse ender… because off the animation and i stay blocked on the floor.

At this rate it’ll turn into Marvel again, and thats what we DONT want if we want Killer Instinct to flourish as the ULTIMATE fighting game. At least that’s what I think personally.


im gonna try to replicate this glitch you are talking about @WebNRaGnArOk. i dont know why, but i have been dropping combos so much with sadira its crazy. i understand im rusty, but im sure my inputs are spot on…i think this could be why. ill get back to you!

Thanks! It’s frustrating as many of my bread and butter combos just don’t work. I can still do some crazy stuff, but I’m sure not being able to use Recluse Linkers after a punch attack wasn’t intended.

As much as I love KI I would put it down if it became MVC. I have never played one and don’t plan to lol it just looks way too hectic, like there is stuff going on everywhere on the screen at all times I can’t even stand looking at it tbh

Agreed. I feel the same, which is why I ■■■■■■■ HAAAAATE Shadow Jago.

shadow jago gets meter and he can get in anytime he wants. if the player is even bumbling around like an idiot he will open on you entirely on accident. ive suffered many losses to him in that manner. its like the guy doesnt even mean to do something and he gets an opener -_-

Beating Shago just feels so satisfying in general no matter what.

Even though it’s been said I’ll say it again anyway.

Sadira is fine. In fact she might be better (or similar) to her tier ranking in S2.

  • Her instinct is still really good (in fact her fancy jump-canceled normal juggles are way better)

  • she has some of the best mobility in the game

  • better mixup potential than S2

  • same footsies

  • more ender variation

  • better juggles, so more damage off of grabs, random air hits, + harder to break.

Saying Sadira does less damage than Jago doesn’t make any sense at all. Too many people see the bad in their character instead of seeing the good.

If you want another opinion, I was talking to Tompxson (worlds best Jago) and he said that the Sadira V Jago matchup hasn’t really changed much. It’s still 5-5.

If Sadira did the same amount of damage as Tusk, she’d be broken. If she did no damage at all, she’d be worthless, so you have to find a balance in between the two.