Can we get the OG Hype beam back?

Like the one from the Fulgore teaser? That beam looked BADASS. They one we have now just seems…flat

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The effect has never changed since that trailer, the beam looks flat from any angle, just rotating the camera like that makes you realize how round it actually is.


The excuse for Fulgores hype beam being visually nerfed was due to epilepsy concerns. I call BS due to the ■■■■ storm of particles already in KI but whatever. Hope the PC version is mod-able so I can see stuff like this get added back in.

It won’t be. Newer Microsoft pic games a protected against it. Plus it’s illegal.

I would hope it looks even better once we get new lighting involved.

Epilepsy makes no since. If people have this, why are they even playing video games?