Can we get some new dlc

I’d love to see them FINSIH ultimates and stages for everyone even if it’s paid dlc. Please!!!

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At this point, we’re more likely to see a sequel on Series X than anything with the 2013 title. I think we all gave up on new content for this game a long time ago.

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Yeha it’s been 4 years sense season 3 came out. So we got nothing right now


It’s more than just rumor, the developers have announced that the game is “finished.” At this point it would be a really bad idea to devote resources to the game - unless they are planning to port it over to the new system with some additions and improvements rather than making a sequel. Still probably a bad idea but that’s the only way I could imagine seeing new content for this game.


I still want to see it ported to Switch. It’s already gonna be playable on Series X thanks to backwards compatibility.

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