Can we get Infil's complete guide stickied here again?

I found it to be super useful to have the guide stickied here on general discussion. I could read a few posts, then go to the guide thread to see if any updates were made on the site yet. If so, I might would read through them. It’s also just kinda quick access to the guide.

Plus, I feel like having a huge guide stickied will help new players figure out where to start.



Infil guide is like a bible to this game. KI is blessed for having a guy who broke down any character in such clear and precise way, I dont know if other fighting games have such a thing.


It needs to be pinned, no doubt. Would also like something in-game linked it mentioned. It would be very helpful to beginners and veterans alike.

I was going to say that the forum software sometimes unpins topics for each user, once they’ve read it, but they’re easy to re-pin just by clicking the little pin icon.

But then I checked and yeah, my guide topic has been properly unpinned for all users. So yeah, not too sure what to say! Hopefully the mods still think that there’s some value left in the guide for new people to explore.


Done and done. The forums unpin stuff after X number of days, I just renewed it!


The guide sold me on the game (besides hisako). So good

I know this reply is super late, but thanks!