Can we get a ping notifier when looking for matches?

Something, anything to warn me or allow me to cancel out of what is going to be a crappy match. Fighting games require precision, muscle memory, practice to be hard to break. In a laggy match, kiss your manuals good bye. They will never happen. Tried to buffer a special? Well that frame drop also negated the game registering you pressing down so your character just fires out a normal getting you spanked. Connectivity has gotten noticeably worse since crossplay was instated. Something needs to be done, or something needs to be put in place so I’m not punished for losing a match where the connection caused me to lose not my play or my opponents play. Or the points should be negated if a certain number of frames are dropped during a match or a ping threshold is met or broken. I know I’m not the only one who hates lag in fighting games. Even the tiniest hiccup can throw off what could be your winning combo. Extra lag gives them more time to break stuff, even manuals can become super breakable if frames drop when it hits. Or the game can drop entirely! Even if their connection is the one that dropped you can still lose points. I’ve avoided ranked since Crossplay for this reason. I don’t trust the online connectivity enough to be comfortable playing 10 placement matches. 3-4 of them at this point would be guaranteed unplayable with my current experiences online. It’s a peer to peer fighting game, little bandwidth required, I used to play off Wifi just fine(direct connection now). So the fact that it lags as harshly as it does either means people are running barebones dial up internet or something isn’t working right in crossplay.


I got a message about probation and winning via disconnect because of someones laggy connection and they dropped out. It happened 1 times in the last 2 weeks and I got 2 probation notifications from just 1 laggy match.

Exactly why we need something like this. Thats really unfortunate. I haven’t gotten a probation but I have lost points plenty of times. I’m afraid to go online in S3 I don’t want to get suspended from ranked due to a bad connection.

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I haven’t actually been put on probation or suspended but i got the message/ notification that it was a warning of probation or something with scales of justice int eh back ground!!

It says you have been winning to many matches and getting points via disconnect.

Both times I got the message after a legitimate win. It must be a bug or something. It didnt even appear after the laggy disconnected match.

I think that either a Ping meter or a ping filter (a la SFV’s connection rating filter) would do wonders here.

Definitely not cool that people are getting unwarranted probation notices because the opponent they were matched with is running 10 up/10 down on a WalMart modem and using WiFi.

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Up and down speed doesnt matter at all in online gaming. Ping and packet loss does. I have a 8 down and 1 up download speeds and can play without any issues. Also on a wifi connection. My opponents never said a word about it also.

I was just picking a generic bottom-tier internet package from a local ISP. I wasn’t trying to make any technical statements there. Just sucks that people that pay for good gear, good internet, using a wired connection, are still getting probation notices. Dress that statement up however you wish.

That’s awesome - really glad you’re getting good games out of minimal cost. :thumbsup:

If Call of Duty can have a ping per player it shouldn’t be hard to impliment. I know it has been asked about in the past but, I couldn’t find a thread on it.

Thanks mate.

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Allowing you to cancel out of a ranked match would be abusable though. People would be like “oh no, this person is going to beat me!” And then they back out of the match.

I would rather have people chicken out of a match than me lose points from lag. Which one is worse? You’re winning lag drops a match, you lose points and get a warning for dc. Or, someone run away because they don’t have confidence or the skill to take a match?

The problem is good players start getting avoided by everyone. I forget who it was (LCD? Paul? Gutter?) but one them was getting blocked by everyone because no one wanted to fight them and they couldn’t find any matches. Also I’ve never lost points from lag, if a match disconnects I always get my points. No probation warning either so I don’t think it’s a big enough problem to risk having good players never find matches.

The simple solution to that is to ONLY show the connection before you confirm/accept the match, and after having done so you go into Character Select and see who you are fighting.


That could work. People get to avoid laggy matches, good players don’t get avoided. Get on it IG!

Yeah that is an awesome idea!

The easiest solution is to revert the ping threshold to season 1 levels. Don’t know how many of you have been playing since release but the game had way better online back then. KI didn’t earn it’s reputation of amazing netcode for nothing. It’s still awesome but man, way better before. It would take me a year to find the post here, but it was confirmed by someone at IG that they increased the ping threshold for connections at the start of season 2.

It was done because of community backlash from overseas, the overseas players couldn’t find anyone to play with due to The original developers (DH) much stricter ping limit between connections. End result after IG made it more lenient? Much more games to play with people but at the cost of lots of laggy pointless matches.

I don’t know the exact numbers so don’t quote me, but I believe DH had it set to 100-150 ms and IG increased it to the 300’s.

At the very least enforce a stricter ping limit only for rank, the competitive mode. No point playing ranked in it’s current state. You;ll find way better competition in exhibition. The ping bar would be ideal for both modes as you can gauge how bad it will be, so it won’t be an extra useless feature. Enforcing a stricter ping limit on ranked removes the need to have to reject matches and stuff. If that’s not doable what about allowing filters instead. That way you can filter by connection strength, region etc.

A system like MKX has works fine. MKX ping appear with bars, and it has 4 bars. If the opponent has only 2 bars or below u can decline the match. This is in ranked btw.

They could also do like SFV has and let you set a connection threshold before you start a search…like you can set it to where you will only play against players with the highest rating (5) or you can set it lower and play against 3-4, or anyone if you don’t care.