Can we get a petition for the KI we never got ? KI3

We never got the nintendo 64 version of the OG in the 90’s,we got Ki2 which IMO
wasnt near as good as the OG KI,then we got ki gold which was a huge dissapointment.
Maxamillion suggested we raise a storm to Phil Spencer ,a petition or something,
We never got Killer instinct 3 ,i think its time they give us one,it would help the next gen xbox.
the reboot in 2014 was pretty good but the graphics look to much like 360 graphics now and the imbalance with the season 2 then 3.
ITs time guys ,please respons ,i dont know where to even start?

Most would consider the xbox one KI to be KI-3. Granted I’d love to see a new KI as well. Now I could be wrong in this bt I did here that if Code Mystics was told to, they could take KI2 and expand it with the characters that appeared int he reboot and something like brining Riptor and Cinder back as well.

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Well ,you know the xbox box version was suppose to be a reboot ,not a remake but …we will see
that defintly wasnt ki3,justa reboot

I did say most would consider it to be KI3. That doesn’t mean it is.

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Let’s see… the game has a series of three games. Yup, the 2013 game is KI3.


I would like to see another Killer Instinct title, of course, though a sequel to Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition.

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Technically the 2013 game is KI3…kind of. I wouldn’t mind a full-on proper remake or sequel, hell even a side-game - just as long as the resulting game is good, if not great.