Can we get a "Are you sure you want to end your turn" prompt?

Maybe it’s just me, but I keep accidentally ending my turn by hitting the Y button. It would be nice if the game warned you before you ended your turn especially when you accidentally do it right at the beginning of the day lol


With respect, I’m against this. Shadow Lords is already a very prompt and menu-driven mode, and I don’t really think we need to add yet another layer of this.


They did already say that they’re going to require at least one mission to be attempted before allowing you to skip days. Remember, it’s technically not out yet.

Ah okay! That sounds much better

I just got in and was about to post the same thing, it happened to me several times.

I agree with that. Typically these heavy menu prompts can annoy me real quick. I tolerate this because its killer instinct, a literal piece of my childhood. But even that has limits. My recommendation is, take comfort in the fact that the mission select screen isn’t time based selection and the active keys have a legend at the bottom telling you what they do. So at the mission select screen, take your time, and analyze everything on the screen because there is a lot there.

The game gives you a prompt if you even ask to exit shadow lords mode, I don’t think a skip turn warning is that much of an inconvenience. lol

Man, I sure hope not…? Sometimes you want to legitimately skip a day without trying anything, I’m sure.

I think of it this way. This makes you want to think ahead of time what to do. So, let’s say you have 3 injured party members, all below 50% hp. Your thought this turn should be, “Which of these characters am I the strongest with, and can, therefore, have better odds at them staying alive for the next turn.” Even worse is with ~25% with each character, “Which of these characters should I use a heal on, or should I just try my luck with a mission and hope I don’t lose?”

This means, that you’ll be thinking about your next turn constantly. Which is what you should be doing in a strategy game. Skipping your turn to heal your party shouldn’t be done on reaction, and should be planned out. Sure, things happen that you won’t expect, but the idea is that you’ll be prioritizing missions/characters, either because of rewards or difficulty, and not rewards all the time.

Currently, it’s very easy to just do a mission with every character and skip your next turn if you have to on Challenging and Normal. Perhaps it’s just that I’m really good at exploiting AI, (since I’ve been playing fighting games’ story modes on their hardest difficulty since I can remember), or it actually is just too easy. I’d like some other’s opinions on this, but I like the requirement of, at least, attempting a mission before skipping a day.

It actually took me a looooong time to even notice the ‘Y: Skip Turn’ note at the bottom of the screen. I kept bouncing around missions and it would say something about the character already being active that day for each of my 3 characters. They were all low on health, so I thought maybe that had something to do with it, so I went back and healed whoever I could, but still could not proceed to start any missions. After 5-minutes or so of scratching my head, I finally noticed the prompt and continued. It’s one of those things I found confusing the first run through, but now I know.

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Eh, I think of it like “if it’s a strategy game, let me make the strategic choices I want.” I don’t want them to force me to take a turn if I would prefer the healing or the time saving of not taking a turn.

Anyway, I hope they don’t actually do that.


I get what you’re saying.

I was thinking about this too and agree with the request. It would be helpful to add a precautionary prompt before ending any turn.

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I agree there should be a confirmation prompt.

It’s very easy to mis-hit the Y button, especially with a stick. Most have pretty light touch buttons.

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I think it’s a good idea, more than one time I’ve had an “accident” of pressing Y and watching omen go

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I agree that there should be a confirmation. I just skipped an omen day on accident because I was going to grab my daily reward but was accidentally in the war room instead of the top level menu (same button). If the confirm pops quickly enough then it’s just Y -> A to skip if you’re sure and really wouldn’t be any extra annoyance or time waster for the player.

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Just a simple are you sure and hit A and that would be nice. Don’t make it too annoying.

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I agree that a prompt would be a really nice thing to have. Something simple to prevent accidents.
I also agree with @Infilament that having the option to just watch the world burn while you take a day off at the spa is an important tactical choice I’ve made after tough fights while on low supplies. The massive boost in corruption as well as the loss of any potential loot is a good enough deterrent to prevent people from using it willy Billy, I think, unless they’re Boss Rushing.

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I’d think I’d rather change daily reward from being the same button as skip a day.

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