Can ultra be changed to kicks so it doesn't overlap with focus attack

It’s unbelievably tilting losing because your shadow decimation turned into focus attack even though you waited


I would support this change a lot.

Right now, you can ultra after shadow decimation (when you have another bar) but there is only like a 2 frame window after the 5th hit, and it’s pretty hard to hit consistently, even in training mode. Considering all other characters have a 200+ frame window to hit ultra after shadow attacks (like a shadow counter or a DP punish), it doesn’t make a lot of sense.


Would anyone be so kind to explain me what I just read? =P

This last year I’ve learned and relearned technical things (or the way to call x thing) and wouldn’t like to miss this either. Thx in advance

Raam’s “Kryll Shield” attack is a lot like SF4’s “focus attack”, so some people will call it focus attack, or focus.

You can cancel some moves into Kryll Shield for the cost of 1 shadow bar (including shadow Decimation, the stabby stab special). To do this, you hit PPP.

But because Raam’s ultra is also QCF + PPP, this creates an input overlap when you are trying to ultra during the shadow move. You will often just get Kryll Shield and then immediately get yourself killed.

Changing the input for ultra to QCF+KKK would fix this problem entirely because you wouldn’t ever accidentally get Kryll Shield.

Go try this in training, actually! Set shadow meter to infinite (so Raam always has 2 bars), then set the opponent’s life to 20%. Do standing HP canceled into shadow Decimation and then try to do ultra. See if you can get it to work! There is a timing, but it is very hard to do consistently.

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I’ve always wondered how they chose Ultra inputs. At the beginning of Season 1, I thought they chose the character’s most “iconic” special move, like Orchid’s Flick Flack and Sabrewulf’s Ragged Edge. Instead of changing it to QCF+kicks (would be the only Ultra without a corresponding special move input), I’d support them moving it to the Kryll Rush input instead.

RAAM can cancel his QCF+punch move (Decimation) into his Kryll Shield attack at the cost of one bar of meter by pressing three punches (3P). It’s great for making something safe that usually isn’t (just like a feral cancel). The problem is that RAAM’s Ultra Combo input uses 3P, just like his Kryll Shield.

So, If RAAM is full on meter and starts a combo with Shadow Decimation (which is a common high-damage punish) and wants to go straight into Ultra, he’ll do QCF + 3P while his opener is hitting 5 times. What happens is the game recognizes the 3P input as a Kryll Shield cancel instead of an Ultra, so he ends up accidentally dropping the combo and spending his meter.

EDIT: Dammit, Infil, don’t type so fast.

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QCF+kick is emergence. There is an associated special move.


Ultra is the long combo people can do when you’re at 15% hp. It instantly ends the lifebar and can be done right from an opener so your opponent can’t break it. Raams ultra input is qcf and all 3 punched. However, this overlaps with another move he has that is all 3 punches, which is essentially the focus attack from sf4. He can cancel his stab move decimation by spending a bar of meter. This means that the timing for ultra is extremely strict or else you’ll cancel into focus attack and end your combo, most likely leading to a punish.

I don’t know how I forgot that…

Yeah I thought so too, but there are cases where the ultra input is not the most iconic move possible (like Cinder’s ultra overlaps with Fission instead of Trailblazer). I think they just kinda pick something at random.

To be honest, I would prefer all ultras to be the same input, or at least, as many ultras as possible. If they chose QCF + PPP as the same input, then they would have to make an exception for Raam, as is the whole point of this post. Maybe Fulgore as well since that’s his beam input.

But the ship has sailed on that one, they aren’t going to change the ultra inputs for 26 characters now.

It would fix the ultra ender… but it would mess the stage ultra input…

A minor inconvenience, but it will be happening no matter if qcf kkk or qcb kkk are the new input. But hey, don’t go for the stage ultra and no problem xD

I mean, I’m totally in with your solution, but it has a little negative point

Yeah, stage ultras will still have the problem. But oh well, let’s move the problem to the thing that is used way less often.

Alternatively they could dig into the input code and try to prioritize ultras over kryll shield, but that is probably too much work/too easy to have bugs happen.

It only happens when you have 2 bars, so the amount of times you want to stage ultra and have 2 bars is probably pretty small. It happens a lot during regular fights for normal ultra, though.

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I turned on Easy Ultras for this reason as all I do is fwd+hp to assure my ultra and not bare the loss.

I do hope that there is a fix that will automatically prioritize Ultras despite the input. Since ultra can’t be preformed during 15% or low, it should cause issues and should always gaurentee and ultra.

Now I understand it, lol. Thanks! My confusion came from not knowing what a focus attack was and I forgot about Raams Ultra input. Now I see thre problem and is nor surpising. But I haven’t used Raam enough to have this happened to me, since I don’t master his cancels.

However with Wulf I 've had nice bugs with ultras not executing after instinct or some instinct cancel that would take me two bodies away from my opponent during a combo! (yeap, it cost me matches too).
Hope IG can fix this with Raam and check why Wulf teleports during instinct cancelling (sometimes) =S