Can there be classic themes played in season3

I think it would be a great idea to add classic character themes from KI 1 and 2 to the stage select screen


Agreed. Even if the theme’s wouldn’t be dynamic like the new ones, I’d like it.

… in fact, I’m not 100% a fan of the dynamic thingy. Wish the new themes just ran their course, until danger status or ultras.

I just really wanna fight to classic riptor theme

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Yeah, the new character themes are great, but Riptor’s is amongst the worse…if not the worst.

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Personally, I like the dynamic themes. It makes the matches feel more interactive and gives you a sense of awesome to have the music pick up when you rack up a high combo.

Though I would not oppose if they implemented classic themes. Options are nice.

I really like the new themes too cinders is one of the best

hey it would be great if classic ki/k2 themes where available to select!

I love the new dynamic themes, but I do miss fighting to the classic themes as well. It’d be great to include the ones youve unlocked in the theme select menu as an option.

yes adding the classic themes would be nice.

I’d like this track too yes.

I believe this was addressed a long time ago. Someone said they could not put the themes into the actual game for some legal reason? I don’t know.