Can Spinal get flip out


I’m actually not playing much. But yes, we can have some matches later =)

PS: Maybe you were not talking to me XD

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Sadira is more juggle focused than spinal. It makes a bit more sense that Sadira would get more out of her juggles than spinal.


Yes… Yes they do kappa

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You know your responding to something from almost a year ago

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Honestly I think threads older than a year should get flagged so that people don’t post. Sometimes I get referred to a thread as if its new, only to start to post and find out that it has been vacant for ages.

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I don’t think locking them down would be the best method exactly, but at least a pop-up notification similar to the “similar topic” pop-ups that indicates that the thread hasn’t been posted in in a long time (I’d say over 3 months would be reasonable) would be beneficial.


I liked Skeletal suggestion; just be aware of the date, that’s all.

Peoples are really visual i’m seeing. The whole bit where a couple people changed their pictures to the one Rukari uses got more people than it should have. Peoples posting on necro topics (unless its for good reasons) without noting the last post date kinda falls in the same bucket to me.


IF they would remove necro threads out of recommended topics when I load a page, it would help though. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a thread that looked new only to start a post and realize that the date was from last year.

In short sometimes the site is recommending threads that are old, of which it shouldn’t.


Sadly I just peeped :rofl::rofl::rofl: but still though bring it on… Lol


Spinal can get flip out as long as every single one of his moves causes flip out, meaning he can’t do any combos.