Can someone please explain RAAMS Kryll Armor During Kryll Rush?

It clearly doesnt follow the regular Armor guidelines, as it doesnt get beaten by Heavy Normals, it doesnt work against shadow moves, and it doesnt seem to have any rhyme or reason as to when it is interrupt-able.

I have tested stuffing the move with All strengths of moves, and at all points in the move (Startup, Running, Active, Startup of GRAB), and i cant draw any conclusions at all.

I have successfully stuffed the armor using every strength of move at every point in the move, and have also failed, and had the armor stop me, at all points of the move.

(The game doesnt accurately explain it either. The game just says “Has kryll armor” without telling me WHEN it is in effect, and the “Kryll Armor” description doesnt have any mention of my issue, how it ignores the “grounded heavy normals” rule, or how it is beaten by shadow moves.

Also, i do not see this same thing happening with any other move that uses Kryll armor)

I KNOW this isn’t random, but “random” is the only word i can find for this. The only other thing i can think to do is to record EVERY possible situation and watch the replays frame by frame. I’m sure i must be doing something wrong, right?

help me @TheKeits ?


Absorbs an infinite number of projectiles, but only one physical hit. Shadows break armor.

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That doesnt explain enough. there are other properties that the game doesnt tell you.

From your site:
“Kryll Rush is armored while he is running towards you, but he runs out of armor when he reaches you and he is vulnerable during the grab attempt.”

This is not explained in the game. I had a good feeling this was what was happening. But does it get armor on frame 1 of startup, or is there a slight delay, like with the Kryll Shield?

Watch this match I had with a friend of mine while I was using General RAAM, it will make sense when you see it in action, then it will make sense when you see how effective it is, but you can also notice there are chances to catch someone before they can use it

Slight delay on the armor. Armor dissapears once he actually reaches you. Sometimes you’ll get caught by forward moving attacks because it triggers the grab which removes the armor.

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