Can someone help me understand that?

What is happening here? This setup is weird, but it allows me to replicate this scenario.

I guess I’m not seeing the question? Jago has always been able to cancel DP into both shadow fireball and instinct, so that’s just what you’re doing here in succession. Is there something else involved I’m not seeing? :thinking:

The 3rd DP is instinct canceled on whiff. It shouldn’t work like that

The first two cancels happened on hit. However 3rd DP never hits opponent in that scenario.

This whole DP scenario is to put opponent in a state, where DP almost hits them. However it doesn’t and it breaks all the rules I can think of.

Oh, it looked like it hit to me :joy: Might’ve been something associated with proximity guard properties of the move maybe? I’d suggest turning on hitboxes and frame stepping the scenario both with and without instinct cancel and then comparing the two.

Thx for a suggestion. I’ll record that on Friday, follow up that story on weekend. At least that’s a thing I could do, I hope it will help. On the sidenote, I tried to replicate that midscreen, or after just 1 DP, however I’ve failed. That makes me believe that there is this weird timing when game assumes character gets hit despite not actually being touched, a weird frame in-between.

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Old thread, but this happened because you’re in a juggle/combo state.