Can someone explain to me Fulgores pip cancel like i'm 5?

I’ve been playing KI since day one season 1, but have not spent a lot of time with Fulgore. I seem to understand his move set pretty well, I just don’t understand how his pip cancels work? how do you do it? does it work with any shadow moves?

Can someone break this down for me so i can practice in training mode? videos would be awesome. Thanks in advance.

At the cost of one pip, Fulgore cancels a special move into another special move on hit or block. This is similar to how you cancel a normal into a special move. to perform the cancel, you just have to input your second special move during the recovery of your first special move. You cannot pip cancel a shadow move.

hope that helps


To build upon this, I believe you can also cancel certain special moves on whiff (a la multi plasma bolt zoning) and pip cancelling applies to everything except for Devastation Beam (as it require full reactor and thus, you’d lose a pip doing it) and teleports. Teleports do not pip cancel, they are naturally that fast.

Fulgore can do any special move and cancel into another special move for the cost of a pip on whiff or on block. The only one that cannot pip cancel on block is blade dash. You also cannot pip cancel out of a teleport. So I could shoot a projectile, then do a laser, then do another projectile into a short blade dash into a teleport without having recovery on anything for 4 pips.

You can pip cancel shadow laser and shadow plasma bolt. You cannot pip cancel shadow blade dash, shadow teleport and shadow dp.

To short it up:

To buld pips: Keep hitting your opponent with physical attacks. In combos however any linker can work, including laser linkers.

To use a pip: Do one move than do another right after. Or for Fulgores fireball, press down forward and any punch in any order. Like: DF: FP,LP,MP etc.

As pips increase in the gauge you get movement bumps.

All 4 green: Forward movement speed.

All Yellow: Backwards movement speed.

All red: You have a full meter.

What do you do with full meter: Use the F-U Hype beam of death. Or use shadow moves in some ways.

I hope this also helped you.