Can someone explain this for me? (Question about leagues qualifiers)

Okay, so…

I did my qualifiers last season. Lost three matches, and got sent to Silver. 7-3.

I did my qualifiers this season. Lose two matches, and got sent to Bronze.

Wait… what?

If it helps, the two matches I lost during my qualifiers were to Gold players. The rest were 3 Silvers, with the remaining being a mix of Bronze and other Qualifiers.

Anyone else experience something like this? Heck, I thought I was doing well in my qualifiers. Guess not.

The same happened to me. I think i got smacked too hard.

Apparently the qualifiers are meaningless as everyone starts from bronze this season, even the pros

Lol! I got slapped into bronze, but I ended up loosing 4 this go round. Sucked, but I deserved it. With all the killers in the lower leagues, Bronze is a slog for me. Fun. I wish I could have spent more time playing, but very tough.

Posting to note that I added the parenthetical to the thread title so people would know what the thread is about before entering.

As to your situation, I can only guess that the qualifiers aren’t totally meaningful right now, since people are yet to make the climb into the tiers they belong in, and putting a lot of people into Gold on the basis of bodying 10 Bronze players would be problematic since it’d dilute the standard of the tier early, making it too easy for people to climb, and from there it’s just a vicious cycle until the tier ends up at some lower equilibrium than that which they’re going for. Maybe in a month or so the qualifiers will allow you to qualify into a higher tier straight up.