Can someone explain how fulgore meter or how he works

I’m confused any guides?

Well his meter builds over time. The more you hit the opponent,the faster it fills. If you use energy attacks,it slows it down. You can pip cancel using one pip. 4 pips equals a shadow gauge or one whole color. Etc. @Infilament Mind explaining,I don’t have time right now. If you can’t I will do it later today.

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That’s what I used to figure out just about everyone.


I explained so I don’t have to explain!

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I’ll share my two cents as well:

Fulgore builds up meter overtime, but unlike all the other characters you get “pips” As the “nuke icon” spins. iI’s slowest speed you get a pip every few seconds or so, which in some cases isn’t a good thing to have. So how do you increase the spin speed?

Hit your opponent. That’s right you get an increase in spin speed every time you land a hit wheter it’s blocked or not, all physical attacks get you meter. But the meter does slow down if you use energy attacks like a raw laser or fireball or if you do nothing.

However there is one exception: if you use laser linkers in a combo it still counts and you can get you spin speed.You also can ramp up the spin speed Fulgore’s “Auto-Triples” which basically if you press one of your attack buttons twice instead of once in a combo:

The best tip for this is to get a REALLY good combo on your opponent and you’ll be able to get in buisness quick.

However there is one small issue and depending on how much meter you’re trying to get: if you get knocked down your spin speed on the icon resets immediately. So just be careful it can be easy to get knocked down if you’re not on gaurd of your foes mix-ups.

Once you have the meter you can do alot of wonderful things with it such as spending one pip to cancel one special move to another. For example I can spend a pip to teleport if I land an Heavy laser attack to make my opponent stagger.

Another thing you can do and I’d use this wisely is use it for the devastation beam, but it only works if you have a full meter and once you use it, it drops the meter to 0 and your spin speed is reset. So…be careful with it.

In Instinct mode you can charge a bit and get a pip by pressing the same buttons that activate instinct: HP+HK. If you time it right you can get two pips! But it does leave you vulnerable at close ranges so…be weary of that to.

(Note: to figure out WHEN you should charge to get two pips, watch the blue/purple line above your meter. When it’s close to filling up you can activate the charge and you get two pips.)

Oh and one last thing:

If you’re at the end of your green life and you have few pips in your meter and you have to use Instinct to get it. You’re in a lot of trouble in the match. It’s a good way to assess how well you’re doing in the fight.

So if you’re ever in this situation ^^^ : You need to start adjusting to your opponent quickly or it can possibly cost you the match.