Can somebody let me know the frame data for generic blockstun/hitstun in KI?

I’m not talking about frame advantage. I’m talking about the generic amount of time (assuming it’s the same) that you’re put into when you block lights, mediums, heavies, specials etc.

I’ve looked into it but all the frame data I see is for particular moves. Useful but I need these numbers if anyone knows them.


That isn’t a thing in KI. Blockstun/hitstun is per-move, there’s no generic amount.


It’s not generic – the duration of blockstun, even if tuned in lock-step with active/recovery frames so that advantage on block remains the same, affects gameplay in various ways, e.g.

  • The feel of the move.
  • Confirmability on hit: if there’s enough recovery on a move then the attacker can know when it has hit and confirm with another hit on reaction, otherwise to facilitate a confirm they may need to take a risk or press a button they mightn’t want to press if the first move is blocked.
  • Whether an opponent can take back their offensive turn on reaction if the move if negative and blocked. Shago’s surge divekick is negative now – it used to be +7 or something like that – but it’s fast enough to where it’s difficult to pick out and check Shago on the other end of in time. If a move is negative but fast, and could’ve been a positive move instead, it can be difficult to identify the move and make an offensive move after it, or it may require a guess or an option select.
  • How easy it is to punish an unsafe move on block. For a while, TJ’s flying knee recovered so fast that people weren’t getting the punish on reaction for blocking it.
  • Frame traps imparting varying amounts of blockstun can make it difficult to reversal out of pressure, but can also open up various option selects, e.g. pressing a button to participate if move A is used, but so that your input is swallowed in blockstun if move B is used.

You can determine blockstun for a move by adding the active and recovery frames together and subtracting the advantage on block.