Can somebody explain to me the story of KI including ALL character importance?

Cause this is my general understanding, and I know it’s so wrong…


-Aria creates fulgore & Riptor for military use
-Aria uses Thunders brother EAGLE as the base “mind” for THE “Fulgore unit”
-Aria tells Sadira to go punch Orchird in the dk or something for trying to reveal they’re messed up ideas.
-Aria takes the mask of the ancients from Sabrewulf while going “Lol fight in a tournament or something and i’ll make ya human again”
-Aria captures Spinal for sh
s and giggles
-Jago is fking around doing monk st and stuff.

-Aria raids Mayas temples, releasing Kan-Ra for her own doing.
-Aganos wakes up with his bat and helmet, ready to strike one out with Kan-ra again.
-Kan-ra kicks the heck outta aganos and attaches an ultratech patented Mind control device.
-Aria captures Aganos for sts and giggles
-Aria sits Kan-ra down and goes “Lol, so how we doin’ this”.
-Aria captures Glacius’ ship core
-Aria captures Hisako for s
ts and giggles

-turns out Gargos sent a double agent to infect Jago.
-Shadow Jago is a thing
-Jago exercises (Shadow Jago) Omen
-Omen is like “Oh wow, I’m a real boy”.
-Jago is like… Why…
-So jago leaves and cries cause he’s like… What do I actually bring to this story
-And then Omen cries cause he’s like… What do I actually bring to this story
-And then Spinal cries cause he’s like… What do I actually bring to this story
-And then Hisako cries cause she’s like… What do I actually bring to this story
-And then Aganos cries cause he’s like… What do I actually bring to this story
-And then Thunder cries cause he’s like… What do I actually bring to this story
-And then Riptor cries cause she’s like… What do I actually bring to this story

-Kan-Ra is like, “Wait, guys, I have a party trick, watch this”
-Gargos’ portal poops out like, 50 other Omens cause of budget constraints
-Tusk out of nowhere goes “lol hey” and gets wrecked by Gargos
-Jago is like “No wait, pls, I wan be relevant again”.
-Kim wu is like “no”.

-TJ Combo, Thunder, Orchird, and Aganos all join together in the greatest buddy cop
story of the world to expose Ultratech
-They do.
-Aria cries
-Gargos is like, Who am I actually fighting right now.

-Kim wu is like “me”
-kim wu wins.

-Mira rips herself outta nowhere, says she’s Mayas twin sister, and then gets thrown into the “Character Purgatory”.

I know i’m so wrong, I just thought some people may get a kick of how I thought the events of KI played out. PLEASE I BEG SOMEBODY CORRECT ME THOUGH.


To be honest I think KI lore is very uninteresting XD, I like the aganos Kan-ra relationship, thats like the best part of the lore IMO

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Here’s my opinion. The story is suuuper disorganized. Even with the novella trying to tell a cognitive story, it still feels really hard to keep up. This could be because up until Season 3, the story was a complete afterthought (as if Season 2: Rivals added any worthwhile events to the canon.)

Double Helix and Iron Galaxy were busy making sure KI looked and felt like a great game before telling the story. And doing this caused them to neglect it so much that when they did try to form a canon, it just kind of fell apart. Do I blame them for that? No. No I do not. KI is the great game it is today because DH and IG sacrificed things like this.

So where am I going with this? I guess all I can tell you is that right now, it may not be worth your time to follow the canon. Noble is doing a great job writing the novella right now and I think all you can do is disregard everything story related in Seasons 1 & 2 and just follow the Season 3 backstories and of course, the novella.

But that’s just my perspective.

Ultratech is the key. That’s all that anyone needs to know.

And that’s when RGL realized he had contradicted himself…

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Actually Rash is the most important character. See, after realizing he phucked up, kan-ra opened a second portal in search of a being strong enough to defeat Gargos. Rash comes through the portal, challenges Gargos to a fight, and an epic battle ensues, spanning several universes as Gargos’ reality warping powers combat Rash’s 4th wall breaking powers.

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The lore is all over the place, I don’t even bother trying to make sense of it anymore.

Hopefully someday we’ll get a KI game with one unified story that makes sense.


Also, as a budding literary critic you should probably be cognizant of the definition of cognitive and recognize that you have used an incogitable word choice here. Maybe you were looking for coherent or cohesive?

It’s actually not that epic. Rash just spams wrecking ball into until Gargos gives up and goes home.


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Forgive me, I guess by using the word cognitive I meant “a living, breathing story.” I understand I have used the word incorrectly. Oops, ■■■■ happens.

Why do you assume I’m a literary critic? I have a little knowledge in the writer’s craft but trying to villainize me as an overzealous critic? Are you serious? It’s not as if I did an entire write up on the novella. I have criticized one or two lines before. But nothing like you’re implying.

If you disagree with my opinion on the story, how about providing a logical arguement instead of calling me out on grammer choices.

Calm down. I had hoped people would take things less seriously with the awesome chibi Glacius profile pic I pilfered from Joseph Blanchette (@Joseph_LFrog on Twitter - thanks dude!). I have seen you critique the novellas and, although I do think you are overzealous, I am not attempting to “villainize” you. (I would probably say vilify). It was just a lighthearted attempt to point out that criticism is easy, and there is a lot to writing a good story beyond thinking up a good plot or scripting good scenes. But I guess it’s worth mentioning that if you are this sensitive about a single post pointing out a misused word, you might want to tone down the way you criticize other people’s work. Work that may be their livelihood.


Does he have a Gargos , Arby, or Wulf?

I have an awesome shirt with the S1 cast in that Chibi form. the exact same artwork as your pic. I had attempted to make a S2 follow up shirt but never pulled the trigger on the creation of the shirt.

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Yes to all three. I would suggest you hit him up through Twitter.

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Keep in mind that context is lost in writing. I’m not angry or anything. I just have a firm belief that grasping at errors in someone’s post is low. The way you wrote your first post looked very aggresive to me. And so my retort was coated in the same aggression I thought I saw.

Even if you mean nothing by it, calling someone out on grammer errors without really adding anything to the discussion is a really easy way to pick a fight. I respectfully gave my opinion on the story and you came at me with what looked like ridiculous amounts of sarcasm.

Also, I know writing isn’t easy, I do it myself. I’m not the best in the world by any stretch. But because I do it, I feel like I can confidently offer criticism.

I don’t have bird watching account don’t want one but that’s cool though.

If you want to continue this conversation hit me up with a PM. But I have nothing to prove here. If I were “calling you out,” it would be much clearer than this. As an aside, It wasn’t a grammar error, it was a vocabulary error.

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Ok, so maybe I’m not the smartest person on the planet.

Fine. But if you have nothing to prove here, why did you start all this in the first place? Why couldn’t you just leave my post alone and move on? Because you felt compelled to be sarcastic while correcting my vocabulary, a huge unnecessary scene was created.

I’ve got no problem taking criticism, I would be huge hypocrite if I couldn’t. However, as silly as it is, two things in this world are capable of making me incredibly salty: dirty stares and sarcasm. Yuck.

I have to take some of the blame too, I shouldn’t have responded at all. I can be childish and stupid about the way I handle things like this. What we have here is a big misunderstanding and I think we should just drop it as maturely as possible.

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Id be really curious to hear from double helix if they were still in charge how the story would’ve went in their control. Just to compare.

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This made me giggle. A LOT. thank you sir.