Can Riptor talk?


Shadow Lords mode confuses me is it supposed to be a translation of what she is hissing for us but the other characters don’t understand it OR is that small bandaid sized implant on her jaw actually a voice modulator that allows her to be understood if she wants??


From what I understand it’s just her thoughts.

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If she did, she would’ve said something and the others would of understood what she said. To us it sound slike snarls and growls, but to other stalkers it sound slike they understand what she is saying.

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I’m pretty sure this is whats happening unless shes talking to other stalker units… (and maybe aria and ultratech robots have a shriek, hiss, and roar translator’s (s.h.r.t’s for short))


Good thing its not a Shreik, Hiss and Identity translator :joy::joy:

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Its all in her head

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Someone should ask Riptor.
Does anyone besides myself see what I just did?

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I figured. The lack of any framing in game explicitly stating it as in her head or as a translation like they did with Blanka in the earlier SF games made me entertain the idea that she may have a speech modulator implant or something however unlikely it may be.


This is how all the Riptors communicate:


That’s more or less where I was going with the observation of a possible speech device on her jaw because some of the mimics and other interactions seem to indicate that might be the case but others are inconclusive. @rukizzel or @Devs care to inform us on your intent in SL mode and Riptor dialogues? Very curious.


In her extended story they mention that Riptor units understand human speech, they just can’t communicate with it. So yeah, I always took her battle dialogue to be more of a translation/inner monologue.

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