Can play unranked, but can't play Ranked

This afternoon, I tried to play ranked but it gave me a connecting to xbox live error. Trying exhibition works fine, but even after playing online a bit and trying ranked again, I still get the connection error.
Not only can I not play ranked, I don’t have my ranking on my profile card anymore, either.

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same for me too

Same for me, also my rank is reset to Qualifier.

Got the same problem here as well, and it has to be on the server end, because I’m getting the same result on both XB1 and PC.

Me too.

Any insight oh wise @rukizzel?

Was waiting for one of these to pop up. We are working on it. Might be a few hours, though.


Thanks for the update.


Maybe they’re looking at the ranked leaderboard issue at the same time as fixing this; two birds, onestone kind of deal.

Or maybe the ranked servers went down and all of our ranks will be reset!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Same here.

I certainly hope not. The last time they were reset I was almost to Killer Status. I’m getting close again now.

When was the last time they were reset?

I think it was almost a year ago, as I got the achievement for reaching gold status last March. It was when they changed how the ranking system worked, making gold and killer matches best 2 of 3. I’ve never been great at fighting games, no matter how much I enjoy them, so it takes me a while to rank up.

I can’t play ranked or exhibition it’s been like this for a few days now. The game is just stuck on finding opponent