Can Omen costumes be based around Shadow Lords Buffs?

I’m no Omen fan or player because I feel his design is far too basic to be interesting, but I would like to see the Omen have variations based on their Gargos buffs from Shadow Lords. I forget how many buffs Gargos has to give his Omen, but what if Omen’s design was changed by which buff you played. First, Colors 1-9 could all be Wings of Gargos, Claw of Gargos, Heart, etc; Each buff would change Omen’s design, like Eye of Gargos might have a third Eye in the forehead/mask (the symbol for ESP) which would go along with his parry ability. Wings of Gargos might be always on and maybe have miniature versions of Gargos’ wings. Claw of Gargos could give him, Gargos’ portal punches in addition to his full damaged on blocked attacks. Maybe Flesh of Gargos Omen could look like “Devastated Omen” on Aganos’ stage and have access to stoneskin, and Heart of Gargos a burning heart like E. Ryu and regeneration. Just an Idea for you Omen players and the developers like @keits to mull around with.


Cool! But this is only the AI in Shadow lords? I dont quite understand the link between the costumes and the buffs being playable?
Do you just mean costumes inspired by buffs or costumes that come with buffs?

I mean, depending on which Omen you select, Eye, Heart, Wings, you get a costume set based on that feature and the actual buff that Omen got in shadow lords as well. So if you select Wings of Gargos Omen, Omen should get the tattered wings that Gargos has as an accessory AND his buff from the Wings of Gargos which was bonus potential damage. Omen as he is now is just Omen. But I’m suggesting changing him so that he’ll be Wings of Gargos Omen, Eye of Gargos Omen just like in Shadow Lords, but with costume accessories to really help you (and the twitch audience) tell which Omen you’re playing or fighting against in a match. That way, it’ll give Omen a little more mix up to his game and new costume acessories to boot!

Costumes sound cool, but no way are they going to change him to have buffs in regular PVP game play. That would totally change Omen as a character and his balance. The buffs could be inside Shadow lords only and that would be cool to coincide with the costume design.

But as far as tournament play Omen… it would never happen.

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They don’t have to drastically change the character however. According to Omen gets frame advantage and an extra fireball with some of his projectiles in instinct, but Flesh of Gargos Omen could get stoneskin in instinct like Gargos. And perhaps all these Omen (Eye, Wings, Claw, Flesh, Heart) could simply have their instincts changed and not necessarily his entire gameplay. So for fifteen seconds, Eye of Gargos can parry attacks, Wings get bonus potential, Heart Omen gets health regeneration with his Orda Shield (in particular) or all his projectiles like Jago does with double endokukens. While I would rather have these Omens have a serious buff the entire match, if the developers don’t want to drastically change Omen’s gameplay, they could just restrict the buffs to Instinct mode.

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Sounds like a great idea…I just dont think they would entertain it. But it doesnt hurt to express ideas…keep em coming!

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I dig the idea of costumes or accessories themed to the Gargos buffs. I think changing the character’s properties would make things a bit too complicated for game balance.

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I think it would be a great carry over into shadow lords with the additional costumes. Currently, the omen get a color swap and different armor based on his existing costume set in Shadow Lords. But since Costumes was one of the most requested features alongside ultimates (which are now in the game), I feel that Omen represents a chance to really show the difference between the various buffed Omens (Eye, Veins, Blood, etc) in his armor set and give him a better overall design to boot that’ll carry over into Shadow Lords and ranked matches. Like Blood of Gargos Omen should have red color, his veins in him could be red too and possibly have a vampiric like mask or something. Fang of Gargos Omen could have a horned mask with tusks like his master and an Ivory coloration. How many different buffs is that? Heart, Flesh, Blood, Vein, Eye, Wings, Fang, Claw, so that’s eight costume variations for Omen and maybe eight different instincts. I can see it. I hope they give it a read and consider my suggestions


These are great ideas I don’t think they’ll come in this iteration of KI. If anything they could just assign a specific color to each omen to differentiate them for example his default blue is for the main omen that we use while the red one like you said would be the heart, the yellow could be the flesh, his orange the claw, white being the fang, and purple being the veins.

Personally I always wanted a color like we saw in s2 story mode when kan ra opened the portal.