Can not download shadow data

When i start the game it does not show any problems, but in shadow mode are zero shadow missions. When i tried to play a friends shadow the game says that it can not load anything from the ultra tech server, but my friend can play my shadows.
My connection and NAT (teredo) are fine and i even opened all the xbox ports.

Sometimes I have to refresh the quest a few times before it downloads properly. If it’s in the shadow lab, you might have to try a couple times too. I don’t know what causes this but I also play on PC as well so that might be why I have to try reconnecting a few times.

What do you mean with refresh the quest?
I now managed to get shadow data in the survival mode. When it says it can not find anything i cancel with b and somehow it works then.
In Shadowlords i never get a download shadow data message.

Basically cancel the loading by pressing B and reactivating the quest.