Can I use KI music in my youtube videos?

I want to add a character theme to a video I’m making but I can’t find any info whether I can or not. I tried using the tool youtube has where you can see every song’s policy but the only KI music that shows up is the S3 themes. The policy for S3 themes is it’s viewable worldwide and I can’t monetize it. I’m fine with that so is it safe to assume S1 and S2 themes are the same or does anyone know if it’s different in any way?

I’d say the same rules apply to the season 1 and 2 soundtracks. Just play it safe and assume the same policies apply.

As long as the videos are not monetized I’m sure you’re in the clear. KI always pushed, stream us, make videos, share your experiences. It’s the best way to get the game out there and known. If you are worried, @rukizzel can you provide any feedback on this? I’ve made loads of KI content using the ingame music but never monetized and my YT has been fine and copyright strike free except for a small Stunt from Ingrooves, those jerks… Thankfully I got a response from microsoft themselves and ingrooves has left me alone.

Thanks for the reply. I’m gonna play it safe and not monetize it and see what happens.