Can I let you guys in on a little secret?

I’m not sure that I WANT to be telling everyone this, but it’s probably for the best…
###My rank never reset. I’m still a Killer. Maybe it’s because I haven’t gotten on to ranked, but I’m still holding my Killer title.

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but they just admiited if a month passes and no ranked action its getting reset to bronze tier from todays date. Yeah it sucks my killer title I worked on a little harder than some, I’m not a tourney nerd that is competing 24 hrs a day so I’m not insanely good .

You need to get into ranked in order to so. It happened to me when I did that.

Soooooooo…never play ranked again and enjoy being a Killer :laughing:

Because you haven’t gone into ranked yet. Once you go in there it’ll tell you about the reset. I guess go ahead and keep it but you’re not on the leaderboard.

I’ll probably go ahead and play ranked again at some point just to scratch the itch/get achievements. I mean, I have the Killer of Killers and Natural Born achievements, so I already know I made it there once. The 2/3 in Gold could be a bit of a curveball, of course, but it might also work to my advantage.

I think I might just bite the bullet tonight and take the reset, but it’s a funny little thing I’ve got going.
Though I kinda wanna see how long I can keep it up…

I caved. I had to do it for honesty’s sake. Plus I just had a hankering to play some ranked. Doom Beta is rubbing off on me


Well… Nose to the grind I suppose.