Can i get some omen sets please?

add me: iDoMusic4Media

im looking to level up my aganos against omen. thx!

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@FallofSeraphs76 @ItzTymeToDul


Do you mean as in general sets or shadows?


Sure, Ill be on Tuesday around 5-7pm central
I would play tonight but Im taking my son to an INjustice tournament at game stop so he can play.

We need a rematch. :+1: see me when you free.

I’ll be working during that time. I’m also central time, I’m generally available late nights after 10:30pm, and sometimes available MWF late morning early afternoon, usually before 2 or 3pm.

fa sho! finally played zip earlier today. look forward to more omen action! good meeting you in person btw!

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You 2 bro. That’s good man :+1:

Ahh man we will never catch each other then lol
I work 8-5 and only play KI 5-8pm… after that I play dark souls and such until about 11pm
Oh well just hit me up if you have free time after normal work hours