Can I buy the Supreme Edition on the Windows 10 Xbox App to play on PC?

I haven’t installed the game yet (I have to go to a friend’s house on the weekend where the internet is better suited to download 21GB) but I want to buy the Supreme Edition before the price rises and/or the 18.000 KI gold is still available. I found out when I try to buy it anywhere else it is charged in dollars, but on the Windows 10 Xbox App it is charged on my local currency.
I want to know if I buy from there, I’ll be able to play on Windows 10 (since it’s written “Killer Instinct Supreme Edition - Xbox One”).
I would usually understand that it is possible due to the cross play but we’ve just found out that the physical disc version is not cross play, so I want to make sure it will work. Can you cover me on this one @rukizzel?
Thank you.

Yes, that will work. Do note that there are 2 versions of the Supreme Edition.

$59.99 gets you the Xbox version which includes KI Classic 1 & 2
$49.99 gets you the Win10 version which does not include those 2 ports

KI Classic 1 & 2 are only playable on Xbox One, so if you have any interest in playing them get the Xbox One version. If you don’t really care to play them, opt for the Windows 10 version and save a few bucks.

All the prices I listed are of course in USD.

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Have you check the location you set for your Windows 10? If you’re using the same account it should show you your local currency, does for me everywhere.
If you buy the XB1 Supreme Edition, you will need to probably sign in and start KI on XB1 first to sync the data and then start it on PC with the same account.

Yes, it’s local on the Windows 10 Xbox app. I asked because the bundle on this site is listed only in USD no matter what I do, while on Xbox App, it’s in my local currency, which I must say is cheaper than if I convert the USD.
Oh and don’t worry about the save data. I don’t own an Xbox One so I’m starting my new KI life lol

Bought it! OMG I’m so happy, now I just need to download :smiley:

Welcome to KI then :wink:
Hope you have fun