Can anyone clarify something about the story line?

I was a huge fan of the classic KI games as a kid. I remember most aspects of the story line but i wanted to look everything up online again and replay the new games story mode. I kept finding places that refer to KI2013 as a reboot rather than a sequel, or a semi sequel with only certain aspects of previous games being considered canon. Can anyone clarify what elements from the previous games are canon? I know several characters have had their back stories ret-conned but do the earlier games storys still happen? I keep getting the vibe online that they don’t but that some events do (a tournament, Jago/Orchid being siblings, the Eyedol/Gargos rivalry). Sorry if this is covered elsewhere, I can’t seem to find anything on this that isn’t really vague.

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The easiest thing to do is just ignore everything you think you know about KI’s story and just go purely on what you see in the reboot. It keeps and changes so many details that it’s nearly impossible to keep up. Heck, even some details in season one are changed in season two’s rival story mode.

Jago is a Tibetan monk, brother to Orchid. He worshiped a “Tiger Spirit” that turned out to be Gargos. He tries to purge himself of the corruption but only makes it worse, loosing himself to it and becoming Shadow Jago.

Orchid is a secret agent, her story confuses me a lot. I guess she was kicked from her agency because he’s obsessed with “flushing out Ultratech” despite the fact Ultratech is a major corporation that’s not in hiding.

Glacius apparently was drawn to Earth by ARIA using a beacon so he crash landed and ARIA stole his ship’s power core. This is a complete turnaround from his season one story that said he was returning to Earth to reclaim the tech he have left behind on a previous visit. Apparently that never happened in season two.

Everything is mixed up honestly and it’s incredibly difficult to follow.

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Cool, thanks for the detailed response. Glad I’m not the only one thinking the story seems a little muddled right now. But its probably for the best to hold pretty loosely to the original games so new players can jump right in. I just assumed KI was a direct sequel, especially since classic 1 & 2 were included.

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The entire plot of KI 2 was basically tossed, no time travel. The only things that really survived are Gargos, Sabrewulf’s metallic implants and Maya as far as I know. The first game… well as far as this KI is concerned I don’t think there ever was a KI tournament. Thunder’s brother Eagle was abducted in the comic books after winning the first KI tournament but in this game they just kind of took him? I don’t know, it’s very muddled.

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Here friend:
I was confused with the story too but with this TimeLine now I understand everything :smile: :smiley:


What about Ultratech hosting the Killer Instinct tournament?

Is it still involved? Cause what if Sabrewulf competed in those tournaments and his arms replaced with cybernetics and later regrew them in alchemy?

It seem that Killer Instinct Tournament dont existe in this Reboot :pensive:

A few character endings definitely refer to a tournament, I’m just not sure what officially happened in it

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What characters? From what I remember in Season 1 and 2 Nobody ever mentioned the KI Tournament ‘-’

Thunders 2nd ending where he ultras orchid. I believe there is another but I can’t remember which character, I might be wrong.

It is a total reboot. KI1 and 2 never happened.

Again, a lot of elements were taken from the original games, as it’s always the case with reboots (otherwise they would be a different IP), but nothing is ‘continuing’, this is all happening ‘for the first time’.