Camera/Viewport issues with Sadira

Dear devs,

You can probably tell from the icon by my name that I’m a Hisako main, and, relax, I’m not here to whine about the bad MU with Sadira. I actually enjoy the cat-and-mouse aspect of this fight, EXCEPT for the extra challenge that the camera/viewport brings.

The more minor issue I have is that the camera motion from Sadira’s playstyle is very jarring/disorienting. The more major issue is that, with the height of her double jumps and certain moves (her air projectile does this the most, I believe), the grounded character can get partially or even completely pushed out of view. I think Hisako is particularly vulnerable to this because of her small stature. This makes it (I think needlessly) more difficult to get myself into position to dodge her vertical drop, pull off an anti-air, etc. Likewise, Sadira can’t react to her opponent if they go off screen. I’m assuming that this is not by design.

I know there are already mechanisms in place to adjust the camera based on the character, and I think also applying Aganos’ camera settings (or something similar) to Sadira fixes a lot of the issue. Testing in the practice room, the camera jerks around much less with Aganos on screen (due to the zoom out) compared with Hisako. Even with that though, I think that ensuring the floor (or at least the center of both characters) are inside the viewport would also be helpful

Thanks for hearing me out