By 2016 would you like KI to be reclasified as an M rated game? POLL

Yes! Let me keep it real. If a sword going through someone’s body Hisako can be too much for the game. Then yes!, A T rating is restricting this game. It’s not all about the Gore people. It’s the whole package!. Ultimates, stage ultras, story mode and just character dialogue. If u only put emphasis on the Gore then you are totally missing the point! I said on the old forums that the stage ultras would be kinda dull with this T rating and so far that’s true. Story with really no raunchy dialogue is evident because of that rating. You guys need to see the bigger picture and stop putting all the emphasis on Gore, because that is not the only reason KI needs to be Mature. Conker M rated, Arkham knight, M rated. I don’t see gore, but the character dialogue and story make it that way, and if there are going to be ultimates or second ultras without music and they add strong hurt sounds I dont want it to be restricted in a way because of the rating! Some of y’all still acting like teenagers. Like if KI is rated M and u play it then you need to go to confession right afterwards…


I don’t know if you remember his old posts about this on the S2 forums, but the vast majority of his interest was the blood and gore, nothing else. Hence the specific responses regarding the blood and gore.

I play MK, Gears of War, Dying Light, plenty of violent, gory games. In fact, I enjoy gore in games - but KI doesn’t need more blood and gore than it has, because it isn’t trying to market itself as a gory game. I don’t want to see my favorite fighting game try to ape the format of other games, plus it has been stated in the old forums by at least one of the devs that an M rating will not be attached to this KI.


No. Why would you?

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It is fine as is

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KI trying not to format other games? All fighting games do that crap except a few differences. There is a lot of hypocrisy and contradictions on this forum. I like Gore, but not for KI, so I won’t play it. I like split-screen for Halo, but halo guardians won’t have it so I’m not going to buy it? Come on bro I don’t buy that ■■■■ for a dollar.

Where did I say I would stop playing KI if it had gore in it? The point is that MK is extremely well established in the gore and dismemberment niche, and has been for what, almost 20 years? The point I was making was that I like gory games, and I like KI. That fact doesn’t mean that I want to blend the two. I enjoy listening to heavy metal, but I also like lighter music like The Eagles - I don’t want those two mixing, either.

KI’s gameplay and visual style are very different than MK, and it doesn’t need to try to cut in on the M-rated super gory market to perform well, as the last ~2 years have shown.

Not sure how you’re missing the point where THE CREATORS OF THE GAME have said they will not bring KI to the point where it is assigned an M rating. Once the S2 forums are available, maybe we can pull a quote, or maybe @TheKeits or @TempusChaoti can weigh in yet again.

Trust me I’m not missing anything. I asked Adam why they didn’t make this game M rated and he stated that they feel like they can add everything to the game within that T rating. Ok cool. I get it. To each it’s own. I don’t sit in on their board meetings so I don’t have as to what they discuss, but I been feeling this way for a long time, and I’m not gone change on that front. Super gory? Can’t see it happening, but M rated can see it happen, but when the community focuses specifically on just Gore; then you close the communication gap between us because people will just give yes or no answers instead of real dialogue.

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Standings so far, based on a conservative interpretation of posts in this thread:

Yes: 3
No: 15

Unclear: @swordman09, @SithLordEDP.


People just want the M rating because of ultimates.

Guys, seriously, they can find ways to make stylish ultimates that aren’t gory without becoming MK v DCU, calm down.


Could not care less about the Rating. As long as the gameplay remains solid and the characters remain interesting that is all that matters.

The ultimates/fatalities/blood/gore/whatever that ■■■■ is all fluff and doesnt actually matter.


Wow, people are overreacting hard. If the game becomes M, it doesn’t mean that it will suddenly feature gore and dismemberment. Right now devs have to jump through ridiculous hoops (like with Hisako) to stick to T. If KI becomes M, it won’t really affect you in any negative way (unless you are 12 or something), but will give devs more creative freedom.


Tell that to people who begged for ultimates since S1.

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Exactly…here is someone who gets what I am saying. Did I not list why the game would benifit from an M rating? Like less restrictions on the devs, more freedom to creat adult dialouge, we could get better outfits like Orchids KI2 outfit, more finalialty to ultras, and ultimates.

Edit. I didn’t list why an M rating would benifit KI on here it was a different post.

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How would an M rating restrict the devs lol? Did an M rating hurt Gears? Did it hurt Halo? Did it hurt Tomb Raider? Did it hurt The Last of Us? No they were allowed to go beserk and add gore and adult dialauge and situation and those games where hits if Im not mistaken.

Could you imagine the nightmare of making Gears under T rating restrictions? Bye curb stomping, By meaty headshots, bye chainsaw gun…I think you have it backwards.

Sure. Because teenagers have much less interest in blood and gore than adults. Getting tired of the “is this game for babies?” argument. There are no polite ways left to say this: It’s just stupid. The idea that you’re not a grown man unless you want to live your life mired in a sea of ridiculously unrealistic se xual imagery, violence and torture p o r n every waking moment is dumb.

[quote=“BHELowKey, post:22, topic:1162”]
I said on the old forums that the stage ultras would be kinda dull with this T rating and so far that’s true. Story with really no raunchy dialogue is evident because of that rating. You guys need to see the bigger picture and stop putting all the emphasis on Gore, because that is not the only reason KI needs to be Mature.
[/quote]What besides gore is going to make the stage ultras more “interesting” for you that they can’t do with a T rating? And why the hell would I want raunchy dialogue? There is absolutely nothing of any value to me whatsoever that can be added to the game that requires an M rating. Nothing.

Over and over again you guys post the same stupid drivel. “it’s not about gore, it’s about the restrictions on the game.” What restrictions, and what specifically would you add? Tell us so that we can reply with what we already know. None of the things you want are going to make the game better.

[quote=“Rhscf, post:32, topic:1162”]
Right now devs have to jump through ridiculous hoops (like with Hisako) to stick to T
[/quote] That’s not a ridiculous hoop. It’s a minor cosmetic change that hardly anyone noticed and doesn’t do anything to affect gameplay, make Hisako a less creepy character or hinder pretty much anyone’s enjoyment of the game.


The rating is never going to change.
This topic has been beaten to death.

Everyone but Fulgore has massive amounts of blood flying out of them during matches.
I’d say it’s close to an M rating as is.

Anything that could be better because of it being changed to M like Hisako impaling or Riptors win pose would be minor and not really necessary, imo.

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The Hisako change was about a few centimetres of naginata blade popping out of her opponent’s back. That’s really subtle, basically a non-factor. Why would you jump an entire rating grade just to get a few centimetres of friggen blade?

If you think substantial improvements could’ve been made to the game if they bumped it up to M, feel free to give some examples. (Keeping in mind that plenty of people have admitted apathy, if not outright distaste, for dismemberment and whatnot.)

I suspect I might live to regret this, but do you want to propose some examples of such “adult dialouge” [sic]?


Another one of those topics that gets frequently gets rehashed, only to be denounced by a majority of onlookers. People don’t want Orchid in a pervy '90s zip-up thong leotard.

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My biggest opposition regarding this thread is the fact that the OP has already proved beyond a doubt that the reason he wants the M rating is for tons of gore and dismemberment, and to add costumes which make the female characters sexual. His various posts on the old forums make that entirely evident, and the devs have stated absolute opposition to all of these changes.

I would like more blood and gore and blood splatter yes…Your playing a game where you fight with swords, claws, fireballs, a ghost with a bladed weapon. Here bud, go get into a street fight vs someone with a sword if you come back with all your limbs then we can talk logic.

The game consists of small things that add up. And that’s only one example we know of, there might be much more. Like I said, M rating barely hurts anyone, but might make the game look better by adding details like this. Why not? Is anyone gonna drop the game just because the rating changed?

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