Buying Supreme Edition, having 2 questions

1.What are best things I can spend these KI gold for? I mean non perishables, like KI Gold exclusive cosmetics etc.

2.Is it worth to throwing 1/5 of Supreme Edition price for Shago?

best thing is to save KI gold until the devs figure out what to do with it. The only use now is unlocking costumes/profile card stuff… but if you really like a character you’re going to eventually unlock their stuff anyway.

As for Shago, depends on how much you need to play As him. If you’re not a completist, and playing/sparring against him doesn’t make you want to play as him, and darn near main him, then there isn’t really a point to buying him either.

You could save the KI Gold. I think they said you would be able to use it in shadow lords.

Save the gold until single-player is released.

Shago is okay. Just depends on your interest.

I bought Supreme Edition, I`ll pass on Shago for now. Maybe when (if?) Season 4 will arrive, I will grab him.