Bust a Groove remake & Parappa the Rapper

Is everyone interested in bringing back Bust a Groove?

I miss there gameplay for dancing and distractions to miss a beat on the opponent.

That includes Parappa the Rapper.

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Parappa defiinitely … think it is being remade for phones.

Bust a Groove is fun, whether i put time into a remake rhythm-game or not would depend on my so called girl.

Sure, why not so you can count me in now :slight_smile:

Dance fighting coming back?


Yes please!

But I’d only want Parappa back if the songs were good like the original game and Um Jammer Lammy, I didn’t like the sequel much because there wasn’t enough emphasis on mad quirkiness, nor songs that had batpoop crazy lyrics which were as catchy as they were funny.

More this:-


Less of this:-


Also I’m hoping that since this happened:-


There’s at least the slightest slither of hope that we’ll get more Space Channel 5 one day, maybe.

How would you all bring back Bust a Groove? In the dance game systems of now?

When I heard the classic PaRappa scratch sample in the Yooka Laylee vid, I KNEW in my heart-of-hearts that it was returning one way or another. Bust-A-Groove, I was not expecting, but am/would be pleasantly surprised.

I am confused though - are you speculating, or passing along news? If the latter (if these are confirmed), could you post source links?

After a quick tootle round the internet, all I dug up was a Kotaku article from December about a PaRappa hi-res remake, so I’m guessing there’s nothing actually “new” in the pipeline, link is here, though:-


As for Bust-A-Move/Groove, it’s looking pretty unlikely since Enix is part of Square Enix these days and I have no idea who owns the rights to it at the current time, though it did technically get a sequel entitled Dance Summit 2001:- Bust-A-Move in Japan for the PS2 that pretty much no-one knows about. If you want a fix of BAM/G style action though, there’s always Audition (Online) which is on Steam these days and looks like this:-


Be wary that it’s filled with micro transactions and a lot of Korean weirdness that can be difficult to understand. :joy:

I’d be sceptical about true sequels, though, the rhythm action genre tends to trend for a while once some new, unique play style has been created (DDR, Rock Band/Guitar Hero, to a lesser extent Just Dance) and them promptly die again every few years.

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Parappa there’s a remastered version coming.

Bust a Groove? Well I just asked if everyone is interested in bringing it back and how they can? That includes new characters as well.

Nope. I’m personally done with remade games after the Crash Bandicoot remake. Let us see some new video game franchises and/or sequels to the current ones.