Burn Baby BURN! Cinder Ultra!

I go for top Ultra’s with just about every character, and some of the old ones. My videos have gotten a lot of love based on the characters I have chosen to use, Fulgore, Shadow Jago, Sabrewulf, Maya, Aganos ect. This guy here? Cinder? He got no love. This is the best Ultra, most hits I’ve ever seen come from this cute fireball. This vid deserves some love. So let’s get it at least a few hundred views! I’ve tried to replicate this myself too. Believe me, the 2 shadow juggle at the end is near frame perfect. You need a perfect 10 hit followed by a perfect 9 hit. Not an easy feat. I’ve been able to get 236 and 237 reliably but, the 240 has exceeded the attempts I gave it. Props to this guy!

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A very nice combo indeed.

That’s odd, you should not be able to get two wall splats in one combo, even with and instinct cancel. That may be a glitch.

I was thinking the same thing.

@KrizmKazm @Crainiak24 To those concerning the wall splats, Cinder has 2 different properties for enders. One was Fired up, the other was not, I can confirm both can be done in 1 combo since they are considered 2 different enders.