Bundle Explanation please?

Hey guys, I have some extra cash that I’m willing to invest in this wonderful game, but I don’t understand the bundles differences.

Can anyone be nice enough to explain me the different bundle options?



If you have 0 content for KI and you want all of it, the only choice you should consider is the Supreme Edition, which gets you all the content from every bundle at the lowest possible price. It is by far your best option and you shouldn’t look at the others.

Otherwise, there are “Combo Breaker” and “Ultra Edition” bundles for each season. Combo Breaker gets you all the characters for that season only, while Ultra Edition gives you the characters plus their retro costumes and some season-specific bonus (S1 = Killer Instinct 1 port, works on XB1 only, S2 = Killer Instinct 2 port, works on XB1 only, S3 = some extra KI gold + permanent 2x XP bonus + something else I think). Combo Breaker packs are $20 per season, Ultra Edition are $40 per season.

The Supreme Edition is $60 total ($50 on PC, even better) and gives you all three seasons worth of Ultra Edition stuff ($120 worth of content) so you can see why it’s your best choice.

(Note: no matter which bundle you buy, you will have to buy Shadow Jago separately for $10 if you want him. He is not included in any bundle)


Thank you guys, I’m going for the Supreme Edition, cause you now, KI points :smiley: