Bug with charge move - grounded heavy normals dont break his armor?

Is this a known bug or as intended…odd aganos can’t block heavy normals but this chap can.

Kryll shield and armor are seperate things.

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So he has the best “armor” in the game and it doesn’t even cost instinct or shadow…

It won’t stop non-projectile shadow moves at all and only absorbs a single melee hit.

Not really. For one,it isn’t safe. Two,it isn’t armor.

melee hits and projectiles?

I haven’t checked his frame data vs all the cast but his heavy punch seems to come out super fast. Amazing uppercut. His grapple/reset game is obviously great.

What options does TJ combo have that RAAM can’t do better?

True projectile invulnerability, better advantage ender, stronger mix-up game, relatively easy recapture, full-screen pinging for counter-zone, battery ender and I’m sure a few things I’m forgetting.

They’re both good, strong characters. No need to start a ■■■■■■■ contest between the two of them.


Wow, this question is seriously odd to me.

What the hell do TJ’s play style and game plan even have to do with RAAM’s? They’re so far appart that I can’t even understand why you’d compare the two off them =S

Basically I need assitance working out how to fight Raam. At the moment he seems to have some moves that are uncounterable.

Well what are those moves that seem uncounterable? For his charge move just use a shadow move if you have meter. If you don’t then just jump and hit him when he whiffs.

Well… one of the best things I can suggest is learn to throw. Seriously, default throw beats Kryll Armor like it does normal Armor. With some good timing, you can throw him out of his charging forward command grab and blow up the Kryll Shield with just LP+LK.

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Getting in against hardcore zoning for one. Raam seems to struggle a bit with this.

TJ v Raam might not be a fantastic fight for TJ though, no doubt about it. Raam has some pretty good options in this fight, and TJ’s got no choice but to come to him and fight him in his preferred spacings.


It won’t stop any shadow moves, period, unless the grab/attack hits before the shadow move does.

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My bad. I hadn’t tested it. I just had the idea that it would stop any projectile zoning, but that’s fair that it doesn’t stop shadow ones. Thanks for the clarification.

I can confirm. Throwing a charging Raam is one of the best things you can do. Once they catch on to the fact that you can do it, they’ll look to bait you into a move with recovery or just use it less. But as long as you can land from a jump or recover fast enough, you’ll be in good shape.

In fact, I imagine for a Raam player it is super frustrating to see a move that seemed unstoppable with anything other than a Shadow being beaten by something so pedestrian.