Buffer Window and Input Timing

Hello everyone,

I went back to the game’s tutorial a few days ago, as I only have the last three to do to complete them, but I’m having trouble getting past this one.

The one where you need to simply use D+HP, Light Tiger Fury, Heavy Tiger Fury. Sounds simple, but I can never, ever get the Light Tiger Fury to come out after the Crouching Heavy Punch; Jago always does nothing.

I can do the Light into Heavy Tiger Fury well enough, but not this.

The combo sequence slightly earlier, where you’re doing something along the lines of Opener, Heavy Auto, Heavy Linker, Heavy Auto, Forward Heavy Kick, Shadow Laser Sword, Shadow Tiger Fury, I did get past this one, but by fluke.

I could do the combo no problem, until the Shadow Tiger Fury, which often wouldn’t come out at all.

I found I could easily buffer the Shadow Laser Sword, but not the Shadow Tiger Fury.

So my overall question here is, what kind of buffer window to I actually have. If I wait until the move (i.e. Shadow Laser Sword) is done, it’s too late of course.


The window is quite generous, as it’s actually (in the case of button->DP) a straight up cancel. Hitting the punch input at any time during the normal’s active frames (after having done the shoryu motion of course) will give you the DP. There may even be some time after recovery where it’d also work as a jank link depending on how much hitstun cr.HP has.

I’m not sure how wide the in-combo buffer is, but KI in general gives you a lot of time to do your inputs. Alternately, you can just keep mashing out the DP while doing the combo and it’d come out at the next available opportunity (in this case ending the combo). In your shadow laser sword example, I feel like any valid DP done during the last two hits would probably give you an ender :thinking:

That’s what I thought, so I must be doing something wrong and not realizing it.

Yeah, I tried in the last two hits, and sometimes it’d happen, sometimes it wouldn’t. Again, I must be doing something wrong without realizing it; perhaps input errors.

When I try next, I’ll mash as you suggest and see what happens.

Any time you run into execution issues like this, I recommend turning on input display. Is immensely helpful to be able to see the exact inputs that you’re putting in when things aren’t coming out the way you want. I did it for learning tiger knee inputs (where it turned out I was inputting so fast I was skipping the true cardinal L/R) and DP’s on hitbox. Removing the guesswork makes it much easier to address the real problem. :+1:t5:

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I actually did that, but the tutorials list of the moves you need to input was blocking my view of them :frowning:.

Lol. That’s pretty annoying :-p I’d say take a screenshot of the sequence then and just try to do it in Practice mode.

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That’s a fantastic idea. I’ll try that when I get back to attempting the tutorials.

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